Dear Kisses Readers,

Can I be Honest?!: I Am NOT A Web Designer! Not Because I can't design a website, But I am not formal trained as others are, Instead I'd Like to think of myself more as and Inspiration, and Inspiration that you can build and design anything with a lot of focus determination and Google (lol)

I want to inspire my readers to grow their ideas into something bigger and better than they could ever imagine. Lets work together to identify specific goals for your branding ,business, and design vision.


Kisses Collections is a service i am now providing for my readers and beyond! After countless request and compliments (thanks guys) about my site, I decided to go in business! Still in its early stage, Kisses Collection provides small businesses, new bloggers and inspiring influencers a platform to be more visible online at an affordable cost. Learning from my own struggles with starting my blog I will incorporate my knowledge in making your transition smooth and easy as possible. I not only want to just give a site, I also provide hosting, Domain and SEO services! I've been fortunate enough to have worked with wonderful past clients, and would love to add you on my List!



*Services I can Assist You with:

From the first idea to launching the final website.

A design tailored to your business and your tastes

SEO-friendly Services

Mobile-friendly service

Wordpress training (1 hour max)

Add-ons are available for a fee (more pages, newsletters, appointment booking, calendars, etc.)

Front-End Development

Brand Development


Domain Name

Brand Development

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