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I’m Petrified of YOU….
I’m petrified of what you do to me
I’m petrified of how i feel when I’m with you and your…

Have I told you that I Like The Chase…

Get me excited than make me wait….

But you dont see the fire in my eyes


Pain & Pleasure

It starts off soft slow to touch 
Easy, Ease
Never Enough
Throbbing she is , calling out to you
Hear Her
Here’s her
Presented her to you…
Slow ecstasy…


I didn’t notice
That you were drifting from Me
I couldn’t Tell
Guess I was wrapped in this Fantasy
I wanted to know
If there was Gold…

I Wonder

I Wonder….
I Wonder If you tell her what you told me
Did you also promise forever and an eternity?
How about those pet name…