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“Learning, Loving… Me”

May 1, 2018 | by kisses

It took me awhile to realize that I am NOT 

For Everybody.

It took me some years to slowly adhere that I was NOT

Just Anybody.

The Impulse of change was strong on my veins as I started to drain MYSELF

For You.

As I started to believe that i could not appease the thoughts floating in my Head

Slowly taking over me

Telling me who I should Be

Transforming Me

To You.


You dont Like my makeup you want me to be free

You dont like my hair its not for everybody

How do you appeal to a crowd whose confused

Who dont know their self but somehow Judge you.

Why do my ideas fall on deaf ears

My Opinions crucified

because they dont align

with what you want me to be

But I am ME!


I am HER 

I am beautiful….. Yes every Inch

Every scar, Every Bruise, Every Roll you see

Every split end curl Every acne that’s me

I can only be her that’s all I will be

You will choose to love me because I am she

You will see what I see and believe what i believe

because together, we are on the same frequency

You can either Vibe with me

Be a Tribe with me

Or decide to Leave me.


Just know that for YOU 

she will never change


She will Never Bend

For  YOU?!

Shit who are you?!

YOU Don’t even know

But you part your lips to Judge ME,

Who is SHE

Bitch Please!


It took me awhile to finally see that I am NOT 

For Everybody.

It took me some  miles but I got there in time; I am NOT

Just Anybody.

The itch that I felt trying hard to compel the person You WANTED

For You.

But I have learned to agree with what I see

Just as I am

Just Who I Be

Is ….





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