Kloset Release


Kloset Release

Welcome Back…. Again

April 27, 2018 | by kisses

Well Well Well Look whos back!

Yasss My Loves we are back and a bit better than ever! I Took some time out to changes and do some REBOOTING!

The work is still happening, but so far, I think we look pretty good!

Lets do a quick tour Shall we, Introducing Kisses Collection, a web designing opportunity that I am now offering my readers and friends of friends of friends. I received a lot of email from people either asking for advice on making a website, or wanting me to it for them so i said

WTH, might as well make it a business! Because I am a self learner (with a sprinkle of experience) while I’m still wet behind the ears get

into these low prices which offers so much! I’m literally completing thousands of dollars worth of coding on my customers site and charging

very low prices WHICH includes maintenance HOSTING, AND A DOMAIN NAME! ( Woah! I know that just shook some of you!)

If that sounds like something you are interested in, head on over to Kisses Collections and let me know how I can help you! 🙂



My readers who just come to do that, read, More blogs are coming! I’m still on a mission to bring tarot an spirituality to the masses, so of course we are still going to be working on build self love, exploring our inner goddesses and just all the beauty and love that comes with synergy! I’ve also been collaborating with some brands so Expect giveaways reviews ALL OF THAT!



Again Loves, Thank you for all the support and love and shares and just EVERYTHING

I cant believe you still want to read what I write *blush*


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