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The Goddess Series: Oshun

March 7, 2018 | by kisses

WOMAN CRUSH WEDNESDAY BOOS AND WELCOME!!! (Don’t mind me I’m zooted on coffee) On this Woman Crush Wednesday I feel this is the perfect time to start the “The Goddess Series” I promised!  Continuing from “10 sensual goddess commandments” , I introduced some need to knows to being your journey invoking your inner goddesses but now what?! Well Its time for you to meet these Goddesses that have much influences on us than we think.

There are so many ways to speak and embody these ladies unfortunately I am still learning myself, I would hate to send you guys down a rabbit hole that I cant help you get out of , so Until I can give you some FAQ, we are gonna focus our energy on getting to know them! I decided every Wednesday I will Introduce a New Goddess to fond over (they love being fond over btw) Learning these energies is KEY to awakening the forces inside you so enough talking lets Dive into it!


Oshun – Yorùbá Deity of Beauty, Love and the River 

(the goddess of life and fertility)

Number: 5

Color: a color—yellow or amber; and a metal—gold or bronze.

Animal: The peacock and the vulture


Oshun is probably the most well known Goddess Thanks to Beyonce so I decided why not start with her!

 Beyonce recently performed as Oshun during the 2017 Grammy Award show. It was an ode to motherhood, with many images alluding to childbirth.  Beyoncé honored the Goddess by  reciting Shire lines including “If we’re going to heal, let it be glorious/ One thousand girls raise their arms.” She has always included Oshun in her Music Video for “Hold Up” off of the Lemonade Album, Where she is dressed in Yellow. With all these Oshun References, who exactly is Oshun.


From  the Yorùbá clans which inhabit parts of western central Africa, in present-day Nigeria, Oshun is described as a protector and savior of humanity. She is also described as someone who keeps spiritual balance, the mother of all orphans, essence of love and someone who created all of the mankind. She is widely loved, as She is known for healing the sick and bringing fertility and prosperity, and is the Goddess of the river of the same name.



Now that we learned about the beautiful Oshun you probably want to Call on her for her beauty knowledge ect…… Guess you have to keep visiting to find out! 🙂




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