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Kloset Release


March 5, 2018 | by kisses

Happy Monday to all my favorite beautiful souls!!! Welcome to yet ANOTHER edition on Music Monday…. My Little series to Introduce some Indie artists into your life. Lately Mainstream Music is SO TRASH…. Shout out to YouTube for taking one of my fave artists and giving me a shitload of playlist music that introduce me to a lot of new artists! I guess my style of Music is Alternative R&B (Sza, H.E.R., Kali) but i enjoy a PLETHORA of different sounds. Lets Stop talking and get into it….




St. Beauty – Not Discuss It

St. Beauty is the soulful love child of Alex Belle and Isis V. The Beautifully melanin sisters met while working at a vintage store in Georgia and discovered a shared passion for songwriting and performing. Thanks to a YouTube Thumbnail  I ran across their music and the two looked so effortlessly breathtaking, i had to click it!  St. Beauty ‘s music has been featured on HBO’s Insecure, and they are currently signed to Janelle Monáe’s Wondaland Records. Get Into theses ethereal sounds and videos!


Ravyn Lenae – Sticky

Ravyn has been described as a “cross between Kelela, an Azealia Banks dipped in honey and a teen spirit version Kelis…”  And I think tha,s about accurate for as hell! The 19-year old Chicago Native loves combining  genres including “nu soul, elecro-jazz, chamber pop, and ambient hip-hop. Working with The “Internets” Steve Lacy and even touring with Sza, I see way more popping for this Atlantic Records Cutie!





Venus and Doc Make up the Hip Hop Duo from Atlanta and I must say im very new to them! Their song came up on my playlist and I feel in love how I could easily twerk in my chair at work! Mixing Southern hip hop with genres such as funk and soul music, the two have been compare to the likes of OUTCAST (thats HUGE“When we create, our goal is to set the listener in a mood for each track… the style is all a part of the execution. You’ll hear who we are, where we’re from, and what sounds we like through our music. We pay attention to details.” Voodoo Definitely gives me a good vibes mood so let me share it with you!!!



Leikeli47 – Miss Me

Its so crazy how many DOPE Female MC’s that are out and only the ones like “Cardi B” gets attention (No shade) I’m all here for the come up of Cardi but we not gonna act like she can ACTUALLY rap, Now this young lady is amazing! I know I know “why is she wearing a mask?!  “It distracts from everything that everybody would normally go to- what’s she look like, what’s her shape, her complexion. It distracts from everything that everybody would normally go to,” (so pretty much rap H.E.R) Making “fun” music is her aim  she has been featured on HBO’s “Insecure” and even her single “F**k the Summer Up”  was number one on Jay Z’s Tidal playlist.



So there we have it! Some New Music for your playlist! What do you think of these artists?! Did I miss some songs?…. I love hearing music so PLEASE HOOK ME UP WITH SOME ARTISTS I NEED TO BE LISTENING TOO! 


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