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February 22, 2018 | by kisses

Kisses and Hugs to all My Loves I am back again!!! Did you miss me?! (Of course you did)  Well I have been having a wonderful week so far, pretty much have been getting back to getting my Inner Goddess TAGETHA And I must say the Universe has been taking notice! Great things are happening in my life, and my friend’s, I’m getting confirmations daily that I’m on the right path and my GOD it feels good!!!  With that being said I’m always going to want to share this information with my readers especially my females!!  Its time for us to own our sensuality and Our Self PERIOD! This is the time to build sisterhoods and you cant do that until you are good with YOU.  I have been wanting to channel Rihanna, Her confidence her swag her beauty they way people adores her EVERYONE! I want to embody that so bad, so I will be introducing you guys to A new dope series including Goddess that you can invoke. So we can get the ball rolling, First here are some commandments to get you started on the path of BOMB BITCHNESS (Yes i just made that up…..ENJOY!)




1. Thou shalt know you are a goddess.

As we move into winter, we focus on the aspect of our divine femininity that is more internal and reflective. As we reflect, sometimes we can get sad and depressed. We think about everything we’ve been through this year, and those things we’ve yet to accomplish. While this internal focus is good, don’t let it drag you down!

Remember that you are divine, waxing and waning just like the moon. Ride the waves of your emotions knowing you are experiencing the full spectrum of the goddess. Know that you are a goddess and have the power to heal and manifest whatever you want in your life.

2. Thou shalt love yourself first.

The colder months are a perfect time for self care. You should take advantage of spending more time indoors by having elaborate self care rituals. Take luxurious baths, cook sensuous meals, drink healing herbs, and create! Paint, dance, draw, write and sing. This is a pathway to cultivating self-love. Love and nurture yourself first, only then will you have enough to share with others.

3. Thou shalt treat your body as a shrine.

You don’t have to travel to India to feel the holiness of a temple. Your body is the most beautiful embodiment of the divine in the world! Treat your body as a shrine. Present her with loving worship, gifts and offerings. Decorate her with crystals and jewels. Take her to the sauna and sweat out all the toxins. Feed her healthy organic food. Know that you are worthy of complete adoration, first it begins with you.

4. Remember sacred sex, keep it holy.

Sexual energy is divine energy. It is the energy of creation. Without sex, none of us would be here. Honor the energy of sexuality by making love with intention. Don’t deprive yourself of the pleasure of love making, regardless of whether or not you have a partner present. Make love to yourself and feel the creative aspect of the divine flowing through you. Choose partners who treat you as a shrine. Do not settle for mediocre love making, ask for what you want and give it to yourself first.

5. Honor the sacred feminine and masculine energies.

All of life is a sacred dance of feminine and masculine energies. Both yin and yang are needed in order for life to continue on earth. We as women embody the divine feminine. However, the current times we live in sees being feminine as weak. The feminine is too often dishonored.

When we do not get to replenish our feminine energy, we end up feeling depleted. Take time to honor both the feminine and masculine energies in your life. If you are being too active, take time to rest. If you’re feeling stagnant, get up and get moving. We need both to be balanced.

6. Thou shalt not ignore your intuition.

Speaking of feminine energy, intuition is one of the gifts of being connected to your inner goddess. Take time during this season to meditate and go within. Listen to the voice of your inner goddess and see what messages, insights and visions she has to offer. Do not ignore your intuition, it is your connection to the spirit world. Trust yourself and take an internal journey.

7. Thou shalt speak your truth.

Once you tap in, speak your truth. Speak your visions, your insights. The power of our voice is so important. Our throat chakra has a connection to our womb. Connect to the voice of your womb, release through words, sounds, cries, and screams. Chant yourself into healing. Above all, don’t hold back the truth of what you need to express.

8. Thou shalt have an open loving heart.

Opening your heart can be a scary experience. So many of us have hardened our hearts because of trauma and abuse. It is important not let the heart stay closed. First begin by opening your heart to yourself. Allow yourself to melt into your heart center. Very often tears will come as the walls tumble down. Allow the waters to wash away blockages to the heart and simply ask to open in love.

9. Thou will experience pleasure every day.

Make your pleasure serious business. The kind of business that just puts a sweet smile on your face, or makes you erupt in moans and groans. Let pleasure be the medicine you savor to help alleviate the rough edges of the world. Make time everyday to experience pleasure and slow the aging process. Joy is the fountain of youth.

10. Thou shalt twirl in orgasmic juiciness.

Orgasm often. Big orgasms that make tears stream down your face and dig your nails into someone’s back. Little orgasms that no one knows about but you, though so delicious. Rolling orgasms that come in waves over and over again healing your entire body. Twirling in orgasmic juiciness is a right every goddess has. With or without a partner, allow yourself to be penetrated by ecstasy.

These commandments I present to you dear goddess as a light to guide you as we move into the darkness of winter. Take time to honor you.


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