Music Monday

· Some Dope Music to Pass your Work day! ·

February 19, 2018

Happy Monday My Loves, what a day to be alive! Hopefully you all enjoyed your weekend (as well as checked out the new Black Panther Movie *swoons*) I’m Just here to make your day go by just a bit smoothly with my new segment “Music Mondays” Place where I can showcase some new music from artists you already know as well as music from some you may have never heard of. I’m doing my good deed by giving you guys some juice to your playlist (your welcome) 🙂




Today We spotlight Indie artist Maxx The Messiah, a rapper out of my hometown (duh) Baltimore MD, Not only did he send over some music for your playlist,  I was even able to get you loves an inside scoop and ladies if you like em yellow shoot your shot 😉

Who are your major influences AND What inspired you to make music?

I had older cousins and older dudes i hung around that were rapping and are still dope rappers to this day. My major influences are Hov & TIP two great artist and business men.


Do you think your music evolved since you first began?

Yea I definitely think it has when you evolve as a person it has too and all the things you go through in life give you more to talk about.


Do you find it harder to a rapper from Baltimore? Seems like a lot of rappers here do not get place because of the lack of support Do you agree?!

I used to think that too but now i realize you have to find your market and target that audience everybody isn’t into the same kind of music so you have to find your audience n give them something worth supporting.


How do you feel about the internet in the music business? Sound cloud, YouTube?! Does this Help or hurt your brand?

I feel like the internet can be really helpful if you use it right you can get your craft or product whatever it maybe to parts of the world you’ve never seen right from your computer or smartphone.

What other artists are you listening too currently?

Lately I Been Listening To Dave East, That New Nipsey Hussle, But If I Hear Somebody Dropped Something Hot I’ll Give It A Listen.


What do you feel is the best song you have released?


The Best Song I Have Released I Would Say Is Who To Call Its Only On YouTube & Bandcamp Right Now But Will Be On Apple Music & All Other Platforms Soon.


OK Lets have some Fun, MARRY FUCK KILL …Rihanna Beyonce Nicki Minaj GO!

They Already in order Marry RiRi Fuck Bey Kill Nicki


What advice do you have for people who want to become a rapper?

It’s Not Ever Gonna Be Easy & Nothing Happens Over Niggaz Be Patient Be Humble & Go Hard If You Really Want It.

Any upcoming shows or projects you want to plug?

No Shows Right Now I’m Just Trying To Put Together The Perfect Project For My Target Audience But Its On The Way & Its Called “Handsome Hustler” But Before That I’m Dropping Another Tape called “UnderRated & Overdue” over all industry beats.