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That One Time I was Deflowered…. (Tell The Truth Tuesday #TTT)

February 13, 2018 | by kisses

Since it is Tell the truth Tuesday(Or maybe Throwback Tuesday) and Valentines Day is right around the corner, I want to go way back and telling you a story of the first time I lost my Virginity Oohhhhhhh



It almost seem like yesterday when I was a Hot in the ass Girl watching porno’s wondering how penetration would feel. Out of all of my friends (who were all virgins) I was the more vocal of my nasty NASTY Thoughts. Touching myself was fun and all but I wanted the HOL EXPERIENCE of feeling the stretch and the pain that looked so rewarding via theses ladies on the XXX. It was Prom day… yes I was one of those High school Movies where they lose their virginity on prom…. and I was excited! I went to an All Girls School so we had to go out and find a date, which wasn’t that easy for me since I wasn’t very social besides when i was in school. At the time I did work at McDonald and I had a little crush on one of the guys who worked in the same facility as me. I mean he was your typical mixed breed who only knew his white mom side, which I loved! He use to flirt with me and  everyone would be like Ohhhhh you two!!  

NOW my horny ass was like OK if i’m going to lose it I might as well lose to someone i actually care about even if we aren’t madly in love! We always talked and  He would give me rides home from work waiting for me to get off and everything! The Hours were drawn closer to Prom time and me and him were getting along so well and I was READY to give him this SUGAH! He was funny, attractive and super nice never did i think he would wanna go anywhere with me. (My glow up didn’t occur until after 27 lol ). I asked him …HE SAID YES! I remember feeling like EEEEEEKKKKKK its gonna go down! My First REAL date!


PROM DAY WAS HERE!!!!! And I just felt amazing little hiccups with my dress and my hair but it all came together beautifully! My Date matched my dress and he had a car!!!! I think I was in love with his FLY Car WAY more than getting a Limo I felt like such a Badass “Hi My Man has a CAR!”   

So we get to the venue and have a blast! Hes not just sitting around, hes literally the perfect date! Getting me drinks dancing with me compliments, Its like a fairy tale come true! The night is over but we are not ready to end so its time for the Post Prom events, which was bowling. We stopped at FRIDAYS with a group of my friends to wrap up our night and get some drinks in (well he was the only one who was old enough to drink SCORE ANOTHER POINT!)  We Drank, we Drag Raced,We bowl, the Evening was perfect! and it was thanks to this amazing guy i decided to take, hes taking me home now and the hol time im thinking He def deserves my flower 🙂

We pull up to the front of my house and its dark late and quiet. We sit for a second and my insides are going crazy OMG i’m finally about to do this...you can do this you can do this! ….I DID IT we came closer and embrace in a kiss (he taught me how to tongue kiss…actually still use his technique) and its crazy! There’s someone else TONGUE in my mouth right now HOLY SHIT! Our tongues dance together to the rhythm in our head and he starts to take off my dress exposing my boobs. My nipples are like super hard because they never had an audience before, I watched him climb in the backseat advising me to follow him and i’m just no longer in my mind, my vagina has taken over all movements and thoughts and it this time shes screaming GET YOUR ASS IN THE BACK!  I climb in the back with this gentlemen of a man and watch him undress his self. AHHHH A PENIS IN REAL LIFE!!!!!  He laid me back and climbed on top of me my anxiety were going crazy I couldn’t believe this was about to happen I braced myself for his insertion because all of my research showed that THIS SHIT WAS GONNA HURT and I might BLEED Jesus take the wheel he stuck it in annndddd………. that’s it?! 

It was like nothing was there at all, I mean I felt the pressure against my walls but I always thought it was going to be more painful than feeling like a tampon was in there! In my head I chalked it up to maybe the actual act of sex was what made it feel painfully pleasurable or i had a large gaping Vagina! He thrust and thrust with kisses on my temple and i laid there taking it, nowhere close to how the women  on Showtime After Dark looked. a couple more minutes of this and it was over….. THAT’S IT?!?!  Oh Ok!  He fixed himself as I did the same and I remember sitting in the car like so what do we do now?! Are we in love now?!?! He gave me another kiss and I went in the house…. I went in the house actually SUPER excited now the hol time sitting in the car i couldn’t WAIT to brag to my friends that I finally got my cherry popped. Never mind that it wasnt AT ALL what I thought it was going to be but YES i am OFFICIALLY A WOMAN!


So there you have it the story of my virginity! Most Def nothing that I thought it was going to be. Me and the guy stayed friends for awhile (we are still Facebook friends till this day lol). We did have sex a couple of more times after but it never got better , sometime later we lost contact and I grew up. the Next guy I dated REALLY Took my Virginity (this made me learn that SIZE FUCKING MATTERS!) But that’s another story for another day 😉


So Talk to me Lovers! Got any funny Virginity stories?!?! Was it everything you wished it would be?!?! Let me know…


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