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Writing This Book…. Le’ Struggle

February 9, 2018 | by kisses

I dont know what I wanna Be…. We had this discussion before in the past but seriously wtf. After searching and searching I stopped and started thinking hmmmm what do I ACTUALLY like to do one of them was writing! I love talking, and I love writing, I love relating with people so sounds like an author to me. HERE I AM embarking on my new discovery, that writing is something I am passionate about and that I really Love….. So why the fuck cant I write this BOOK!?

Writing wasnt as easy as i thought it was going to be, well for me at least. for the most part I live in my head and all my stories are locked right in there, its such a struggle putting it down on paper (or online sorta say). I tried to maybe talk into a recording device than type it up But idk it feels weird, so here i am.. sitting here looking at the one chapter i finally completed feeling like its good…but than i dont.


Another issue , accepting the first draft as JUST THAT the first draft, I love the idea for my book I think its going to be so DOPE but than when i write it up and read it back to me it sound like some hood fiction which is like the ULTIMATE insult to my work. The last thing im trying to produce is some paper back bullshit! I see my book being a series a TV Show a Movie just something other than a piece of literature but how can I get to put it out there if i cant even get past 150 words.


My mind is always on to the next thing even when the first thing isn’t finished yet. I hate how that works which brings me to yet another issue, I can tell you how the book middle goes and how it will end….. I HATE THE BEGINNING OF BOOKS… The build up annoys me so much and I dont want that for my readers. I want my readers to be HOOKED from the first page, that’s my favorite part of reading books when I cant put it down and that’s exactly what I want! Its hard for me to hurry up and get to the juicy parts because the setup just doesn’t work for me!

I have everything worked out for this book…. when its done… I know how i will promote the cover art, how i want to portray the website all the details to push the book to the public BUT I CANT SEEM TO GET THE BOOK ITSELF TOGETHER! Real struggle trying to tell myself to shut up and write! Stop planning and WRITE!


so i would love some help on how i can get this book together! I plan on releasing it this summer hopefully But if i cant focus I’m just going to do what i do best …Procrastinate! Can any of you lovers relate?! do you have a project thats taking forever to finish because of YOU?!?!


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