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Kloset Release


February 8, 2018 | by kisses

Ahhhh Kids they are so cute when they’re  babies but so rude when they start to grow up! I remember saying I didn’t want any kids at all. I was going to the cool aunt who was baby-less and traveled the world partying, but i fell in love and decided i would rather be his wife and have his child. Flash forward to NOW when the love of my life and I  Co-parent and sometimes I sit and ask myself how did i get here….

PLEASE dont get me wrong I LOVE MY SON… There’s Literally no one who is as cool and unique as him.

Its almost like having a lil mini friend who’s around you 24/7 and adores everything about you. (Pretty dope for my ego too)

My son compliments me on everything! My hair My makeup my clothes He loves me and Hey buddy the feeling is SO MUTUAL But

sometimes baby…. SOMETIMES!


My Pregnancy was like the hardest shit EVER, One evening I went out partying with friends I had 2 drinks and was throwing up like crazy. This was weird for me at that time I WAS PARTY GIRL KORY! Out ever weekend and weekend drinking all night so 2 drinks had me slouch did not feel right at all! I went straight home and took a pregnancy test and what would you know …. I was pregnant! Happy was not even the word for me and his dad, we were trying so long and FINALLY our child was going to be here.  The happiness wore off the next day when everyday from that time i vomited. Everyday Everywhere at Anytime… I remember spiting up stomach lining because i never even had enough time to put food on my stomach before it was out again! This lasted for 7 months, my child was a preemie due to all of that and although pregnancy was a bitch.. Labor was 3 pushes….. I Remember hearing so many horror stories about labor, tearing vaginas, delivering for HOURS the excruciating pain and i got off LUCKY For the most part, my son just slipped right out I legit said “that’s it?!” when he came…. CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW MY NEXT LABOR WILL BE?!?!? You know when I deliver a real size baby HELL TO DA NAW NAW NAW

Watching your kids grow from nothing to these little humans is such a rewarding and amazing thing but i really dont see how people can have more than one and do it by their self! I see some Single moms with 3 and 4 kids with no dad in sight and i am in AWE! Like how the fudge can you do that?! How are you even able to have time for yourself??! I lose my shit over my ONE child and his mess I cant even Imagine having more than one to control… I cringed just at the thought.  The stage where they are cute and helpless is the best you can feed them bathe play and then lay them in their bassinet and go on bout your day….. that’s cool until they fuss all the time and cant tell you whats wrong cause they cant talk so you PRAY for the talking stage to hurry. Now your kid can talk run and NOW they are developing their personality. See I thought my son talking was the cutest thing ever, he was one of those late developers who did not like talking, I was so scared i took him to speech therapy!


After finding out he was just fine (duh kory) I just couldn’t wait for the conversations but lord when they came…. THEY CAME! My son talks non stop now about any and everything and he always has to have the last word! Its like arguing with a little me (which aint fun) Disciplining kids Suck too like why would I want to hurt this cute little being, that’s where your mind goes until that little runt  gets smart with you UGH.I think the only way I will be able to even remotely think of

bringing another being in this already shitty world, is def from marriage! I refuse to go thru the hol baby mama stage again….. (NOPE ill let the courts take care of things like that lol)


Also me and my son are road dogs now! Like its me and him against the world he is one of my best friends I cant even imagine bringing in another child i have to give love too, I weirdly feel like i would have to take some that I give to him to the new child. Me and my youngest brother (im a middle child) always use to say “Mommy likes you better” to my oldest brother. To us she shows him more love because well he was born first! They had time to bond without anybody but them two, that’s honestly how i feel about my son. Our bond is so dope i dont want to bring someone else in to mess it up…. crazy right?!




My son is so dope tho And I really do want a girl…… WAIT … What do you lovers think?! Are you team Kid or Naw

 Tell a Friend…  smooches