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“Synthetic Hair Flow” : My Fave Wigs/Weaves

February 6, 2018 | by kisses

As a naturalist I love changing my hair constantly! I love having the freedom to go from Long hair to short hair to dreads to braids to a twist out! But also as a natural hair sister the struggle is real with preventing damage to your hair while making these changes, Easiest solutions, Protective styling!

“A protective style is any coiffure configuration that keeps your ends safely tucked away. These hairdos require very little daily upkeep and help strands stay moisturized. On top of all that, the looks also promote hair growth since you’re not pulling and yanking (causing shedding).”

Now a lot of females use protective styling by using sew ins BUT they keep them in for far too long or forget to maintain their hair underneath the weaves. This holds true for braids and faux locs as well, another solution Wigs and Quick weaves!  Quick Weaves have always been around, simply gluing tracks of hair into your head was the wave, this was until people started realizing how damaging this was to their hairs….enter wigs!

The  Wig Phenomenon just wont seem to let up! It solves the problem of not being able to maintain your hair underneath the units, its quick, and you can change up your style in a snap.  But there are times when I dont want a helmet sitting on top of my head I just want the hair to lay on my head without the constant issues wigs brings (laying the lace, making sure its secure,  taking it off at night). Thats when i decided to go back to Quick weaves with liquid stocking caps.

Liquid stocking caps creates an invisible, protective layer across your hair. The bonding glue will be applied to the layer (the wig cap + protective gel)  and not your own hair.”


I personally love to wash my hair, use the L.O.C Method, put a JUNKLOAD on gel on my braids and than put my stocking caps on top of this, and BAM Ive made a Liquid Stocking Cap! My head is NOW prepared for whichever bonding glue hairstyle I want to complete.



Now that we prepared our hair for the weave lets get into what you really came for some Good Synthetic hair. Why synthetic hair you ask, would you pay over 500 for bundles to destroy it using bonding glue?!…. NOAP!   What happens When you dont plan on wearing the hair for a long period of time, Are you going to want to damage your expensive hair for a quick weave?! NOAP…Insert synthetic hair…stop letting these YouTube influencers and celebrities get you out going poor to look like them because they SHAME synthetic hair. What if I told you HALF of their hair ARE SYNTHETIC they just dont tell YOU That. How about the fact that mostly ALL of them dont pay for their bundles and they are giving the GOOD GRADE while you may get a shitty batch …you just never know. The hardest part of synthetic hair to me…. is finding creative ways to blend it with your hair AND making it last (4 weeks TOP) Now that I said all of this with my chest… Here are some of My Favorite synthetic Hair….

  • Bobbi Boss Forever NU


This hair is SOOOOO Everything!! its a Beautiful Kinky straight texture which is thick and soft! Ive Worn this hair both Long and in a bob! Def worth the HOL $10 dollars i spent on it!!






  • Milky Way Que: Loose Deep

This hair was very light and good for a quick weave (i even used their “frontal” ) the ends did start to get a little ratty after a couple of wears but i cut them off and made it into a cute short style.








  • Crochet Hair (Marley Hair)

one of my Absolute FAVE styles are just some good ole Marley Crochet hair! Synthetic yes But it feels Just like Kinky Natural hair and a little goes a long way. This is an easy protective style because it allows you to be able to reach your scalp for maintenance.  If you ever want the Sza Look, Marley hair is the wave…. Although it is difficult to work with… the result are amazing!








  • Freetress Organique Super Wave

 This is my NEW FAVE (And my current install) Is Super soft No shedding the curl pattern is amazing, Its going on a week with this hair and it just looks better and better. Now they have this in the “one pack does all” and BOY they weren’t lying 1 1/2 bundles is all it took to complete this amazing natural look!







So there you have it JUST SOME Of my Favorite synthetic hair, and even some cool tips you can use for styling! I would post more of these if you guys want,I am working on trying to get some coupon codes for these brands! What are some of your favorite quick weaves?! Did I miss anything?!?!


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