Kloset Release


Kloset Release


January 31, 2018 | by kisses

You know whats a great way to start the new year??!?! Your Site being hacked and all your information GONE! Switching to a New Host because your old Host was no assistance at all… AHHHH Perfect way to start 2018…. After a WHOLE MONTH AND CHANGE! Kisseskloset is BACK!


As you can see we arent as BACK as we are suppose to be but give me a second to revamp… New Year New Me right?! lol Anyways No more Short Stories for a sec IM sorry… I might repost Girlfriend Confidential WE WILL SEE… But yeah if your still here THANKS for hanging in there I have SO many topics and awesome writings to bring back so Just be patience We got this!!!

This is the part I usually call you guys my Love and add a Kiss( but since thats been stolen from me like my content we gonna try something new! lol)

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