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"Insecure: Issa Girl…." A Review (Season 2 Episode 1)

July 25, 2017 | by Kisses Kloset

First let me say WOW yall actually like my  reviews! I didn’t expect it to get that much love honestly so THANK YOU! I also received an email to review HBO Insecure (SUPER CRAZY cause I JUST tweeted about doing it yesterday)  Since you guys love them so much Ill make a section for JUST reviews on some of MY Favorite shows and movies…and If you have anything you want me to check out let me know!

Issa Season  1 Recap
Quick recap if your not hip (please get it together!)  Season 1 introduces us to Issa, a late 20 early 30’s African American female living in California with her than bf Lawrence. She has a good job shes educated and have a group of eccentric friends. We learn that Issa ain’t too happy in her relationship; Currently Lawrence ain’t working and they on that boring stage. You know where the part where grass is looking greener on the other side of ur dull ass yard. (harsh?!) The prettier grass is in the form of Issa’s college friend who she always wanted to sit on but never quite the coverage to do so. While Issa is trying calm her puss; her Bestie Molly, an affluent African American Attorney in a prominent Law Firm, cant seem to keep a man (aka broken pussy).tumblr_oev3wsozCf1vhlo9eo4_400.gif Season Ones trials and tributes can be found on HBO On Demand so dont make me go into detail (PLUS U HAD ALL SUMMER TO BE DOWN WITH THE GET DOWN!) To end it the recap off swiftly, Issa cheats on Lawrence that decision forces a rift between molly and herself. She also realize she dont even like Ole Boy she much rather be with her baby (and my god hes fine!) Lawrence now GLOWED UP WITH A NEW TECH START UP JOB AND SHIT, finds out and ugh proceeds to have a great time with his bank teller (Bye #LawerenceHive) The last episode shows Issa smoothing things over with her bestest (AS WE ALL SHOULD) But losing her man whats a girl to do now?!

ALL CAUGHT UP?! GREAT lets Jump into Season 2  Episode 1 “Hella Great”

Issa & Lawrence 

giphy (2).gif

We open the episode with Issa On Blind Dates with some interesting looking men (HA!) She real life aint into it But HEY gotta keep her mind off Lawrence somehow, speaking of Lawrence, His first intro, fucking of course! Giving his Teller Bae that Side way Stroke (MY FAVVVEE). It seems the two are now dating, or Lawrence is rebounding her good by Keeping her ready and available Friday to Sunday than go and stay with one of his homeboy while giving him the “what are we” speech  “Pressure Breaks Pipes”  My favorite saying in that scene lol. Lawrence got some Mail he needs to pick up from Issa’s Buuuttt he aint trynna do that specially since its noted that couple of months has passed since he biggity bounced. He finally lets Issa Know hes gonna be stopping past so in true Issa Form, shes in her room trying on every outfit planning how this meeting with Lawrence gonna be (she finna get her man back)giphy (1)








Molly & Her Broke Pussy

Molly is still outchere doing it NOW shes in therapy for her broke pussy (its good that shes getting help for that I wonder if its called Broke Pussy Therapy hmmm) and still flourishing at her Law Firm well she thinks this UNTIL she accidentally open up her white coworkers pay stubs to see he make way more than she do! (Damn Daddy) giphy (3).gif Lucky for her, her bestie gotta plan to release her stress a Wine down party , pretty much come with wine and bring a plus one (Me and my friends dont like enough people to do that…and only have like 4 friends, shit would be empty) Molly is down LITTLE Does she know IssaSetup.


Wine Down Party

So Issa got her crew at her house for this party she looking cute awaiting for Lawrence to come get his mail,

Molly aint dumb she notice something aint right SPECIALLY Since Issa bring her Brother as a plus one “You say we act Just A like” (HA). Can I also mention how much I love her friends, The funny fat horny friend and the Boujee Prissy

giphy (4).gif

 Bitchy friend are me in 2 people lol


While Issa is “enjoying her party” Lawrence and Teller Bae out on a date and shit. He tells Issa he aint gonna make the party and BABY she “Sha-Hurt”. Leaving her own party Molly follows and they have a lil talk on the balcony where Issa makes it clear this was a setup and she trynna get her boo back! (Let it gooo Let it gooo). The party gets crashed by some fellow neighbors who um are Bloods who crip walk….. yeah idk either. The party goes Left after a nigga wanted to “bonnect” his phone for his music. They all getting a bit rowdy annnnnnd IssaGrillFire  (I know yall annoyed with my Issa but i love it! lol) 


Bish Whet?


The Next day Issa home cleaning up and guess who knocks on her door, none of other than Lawrence Looking all sexy and single and employed. He advise her hes coming to grab his mail, she retrieves it in true fuck boy manner He gotta go in the house you know to get some stuff from the bathroom (nigga you been gone for a couple months you wasnt thinking about your teeth THAN!) Issa just waiting by the door not knowing wth to do with her hands when BAM! Lawrence comes out grabs a face without warning and plants one on her. OH but it dont stop there he pushes her on the couch and Shakes that Bear, cleans his self AND LEAVES! No Niggas THIS IS NOT A JOKE. He really pulls up his pants and leaves BISH WHET?!?! (You get it now lol) Oh trust Issa dont care Baby she sitting on the couch smiling to herself Like yesssss He still want my pusssy!!!!




All in all VERY Solid first Episode Issa Rae had me at the edge of my seat Like WHATTTTT YOU GONNA END IT LIKE THAT GIRL?!? And thats what you want from your shows! That urge to run back to it next week the anticipation leading towards it the conversations with others about it! JUST AMAZING! Issa Bish You got me SHOOKTH





So there you have it a Kory Review filled with sailor words and snappy tones.


Will Issa Get some More Dick?!
Is Lawrence trynna get Issa Back?!
Whats gonna happen to Teller Bae?! ….         Join me Next Week for Another Insecure Review