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Girls Trip: A Review 

July 24, 2017 | by Kisses Kloset

I walked into the movies ( late as fuck of course) to see a pack theater of different women EVERYWHERE! I real life have NOT been to the movies in SOOOOO LONG so I wasnt actually expecting people to be there! SHOCKER. The Lines were out the door with ladies purchasing tickets and trying to get in. (Thank God My Sissy grabbed our tickets online)

See we all planned this evening a month before the opening and honestly at first I was


like MEH Until I saw this wonderful part . Most def a great way to get us in the theaters. So Me and my three girls grabbed our tickets and made it a night!



So Ignored the concession stand (10 dollars for a small popcorn?!?!? get out of here!) Walked to my comfortable seat (seriously theaters done got so comfty!) and freeloaded from my bestest snacks as we waited for the movie to begin. I figured it would start slow because well all movies do (Thank god the bestes pulled out a bottle 1800… yes 1800 😀 ) And it starts…

Girls Trip Stars Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, Regina Hall and “Newcomer”  Tiffany Haddish as 4 longtime friends who come together for Essence Annual Music Festival in New Orleans. They all have grown from students to adults so of course they start to not see each other as often, you know having lives and shit!  They all come together for an Epic Reunion of the “Flossy Possy” which doesn’t go Exactly as Planned.

I Must say I was high as hell going into this movies plus the 1800 (Thanks Mia)and I laughed so hard so many times! It was so refreshing! This movie  gave me the bridesmaid feel. Women coming together to fuck it up, BUT I LOVED how every character was a perfect reflection of a friend we all have or hell we relate to our self.  The Mommy, The Leader, The Gossiper and the One who dont give a fuck!  As a Black Woman, it was SO nice to see these women had CAREERS they were intelligent, they weren’t hoodrats and the other stereotypical characters we tend to be in the movies.

Although we had great funny moments, there was also some sexy scenes involving grapefruits and Mandingo, but also conflicts we all go thru in our own personal lady groups! I know i compared this movie to “Bridesmaids” But seriously I feel like its better! Melissa Mccarthy Character in Bridesmaid pretty was the standout  of the film her character was GREAT but she did come off a bit annoying and too much at times.

giphy (1)

I would said Tiffany Haddish character

would be the comparison she was so adorable but said the CRUDEST stuff i ever heard a female say out loud! She was AMAZING! I never once rolled my eyes  or huff and puffed about her being “extra”

(although i think her character was suppose to be). The ENTIRE cast was perfection but Ms. Tiffany was EVERYTHING …You go in for the Name brands (the stars) and leave out Talking about HER!

9/10 Stars ONLY because the story has been done countless times so It was kinda predictable, but the characters are so good you sorta fall in love and just join them on the journey!  Me and my ladies left the theater tipsy and READY to make our OWN Girls Trip! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!

So Grab your good girl friends and some alcohol make it a day Drinks Food Movies! Go see this film and hug your besties tight AND enjoy this Raunchy comedy full of synergy and WomanHood….Plus its nothing like some #BlackGirlMagic