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Facial Essentials: "Clean,Clear, POPPIN Skin!"

July 19, 2017 | by Kisses Kloset


I’m actually not one to have Bad Skin  with pimples or blemishes, for the most the part I’ve been lucky where my skin wasn’t TOO Bad or TOO Good. It was pretty normal so imagine my freak out when i started to break out horribly with no idea of why. My Makeup routine didn’t change, I was using the same products and eating the same things, so what happened?!  NO idea what happened but I know that made me want to hide even more under makeup.

Piling it on EVERYDAY and Not properly removing it cause my face to go HAYWIRE! My face was a crunchy mess and I was too embarrassed to not wear makeup even when i knew it was harming me even more.

These problems were a year ago. TODAY I have a routine that saved me and actually changed the way i wear makeup. Before I was all about full coverage NOW a little concealer under the eye goes a long way!

These are the products i used to help give me a clean and clear skin.



Seriously If you dont have coconut oil in your house by default…your doing life so wrong! Coconut oil is so excellent for so many things (currently taking coconut oil capsules) its great for cooking and moisturizing body and hair! I use coconut oil as a make up remover. Best thing I ever did! My face feels soft PERIOD and its super fast way to get off all the clown lol

***I store mines in room temperature so it remains in solid form.


Spin Brush

Now that your face is FREE from makeup (and oily as fuck) Time to get to washing. Spin Brushes are the BEES KNEES! I never understood the hype until i purchased one and immediately felt the difference after the first use. My face felt SOOOO Clean the bristles just get into the pores leaves your face feeling like AHHH. They have expensive ones But ummmm My little 10 dollar brush from Walmart gets the job done!

** Tip if you out “Facial spin brush” into YouTube you will find alot of Beauty Gurus sponsoring these brushes WITH AMAZING Discount codes! thats how I got mine 🙂


Tea Tree Oil Soap Bar

Now this isn’t the brand that I use, (I will update this post later with a picture and link)  but you guys get the point! I loovveee the feeling my face gets AFTER using this I just rub my spin brush on the bar and get to scrubbing, Sometimes I just rub the bar all over my face allowing the leaves inside to exfoliate! I love the soapy feel and the dry clean feel after you wash it off.

**I suggest washing your face with colder water, cold was is known to be a toner(I JUST LEARNED THIS IM GONNA TRY IT)

Charcoal Mask


There’s a Bunch of different charcoal masks out there, I will Link where I received mines from (Not pictured)  Activated charcoal helps pull the dirt out of  pores making them less visible (it’s the oil and dirt that makes them appear bigger). After a nice facial wash this mask feels HEAVENLY! Nice and cool but you can also feel the tingling. Sometimes I let it sit until its dry others i put on before taking a shower (washing it off LAST) Or before i brush my teeth (Let it sit until after your finished flossing)   I wear my mask DAILY, Idk if certain brands recommend this or not (the brand i have its very safe for daily consumption.)

**My face is always smooth and glowy after this

DIC-26516-11Witch Hazel

HONEY, 3 days of using this twice a day made a HUGE Difference in the appearance of my pores. If you dont know about Witch Hazel GET FAMILIAR!  Witch Hazel is EVERYTHING  But also can be used as a toner to restore the pH balance after washing your face. Tannin’s( tree bark) are responsible for making witch hazel extract a natural astringent, since they remove excess oil from skin. I usually take a cotton ball and simply spread a light amount all over focusing more so on problem areas

** Witch Hazel can also be used for bruises, stretch marks, and as a Pre-shampoo to add shine and de-frizz. Also helps with dandruff too!

Tea Tree Oil (or Coconut oil)NRT-38870-1 (1)

We close out the list with what we started with, an oil! With all the scrubbing and washing, we have to NOW add some moisture back to that dry face! I prefer the Tropics Brand Tea tree oil (not pictured) but any will do. A little bit goes a long way sometimes i mix  a few drops in with my coconut oil leaves my face nice and shiny. (I go SUPER OILY AT NIGHT it makes my face FREAKING BOMB In the Morning) in the mornings a usually just opt to a small amount of Coconut oil.

**Be careful to not overuse it: while gentler than benzyl peroxide, tea tree oil can dry out your skin, triggering your body to overproduce its own oils and make your acne worse.


So there you have it! My facial routine for clear healthy glowing skin! Try doing this Twice a day for a month and let me know if you see any changes!

I’m nowhere near where i wanna be  so if you loves have tips tricks to help us all get some glowy AWESOME Skin COMMENT BELOOOOWWWW or email if its a secret! 😉





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