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"How Do I Let Him Go…" #MAILTIME

July 6, 2017 | by Kisses Kloset

Hey Kisses help me out Me and my ex recently ended our 2 year relationship and im not good. He told me He wanted to see other people it crushed me! I know I dont want anyone but him it hurts so bad that he doesnt feel the same about me. Im attractive i have personality i have a career and good sense, whats wrong with me why wasnt I good enough?! Its over now he doesnt want me, How Do I Let Him Go…

Thank you Girl!


Awww Honey first of all take this cyber hug i got here for you!* hugs* Now lets pull it together, The very FIRST thing I want you to do is Look in the mirror. Look at yourself, now ask yourself this, Do you love the person staring back at you?! Do you care about this person?! If your answer is NO, than we have some OTHER issues we need to straighten up, If your answer is yes than also ask this, Why would you want to be with someone who doesn’t love and care about this person that YOU Love and care for?!

Let me clear that up, Do you associate with people who talk badly about your friends and family?! people you love and care about?! (Lord let it be No) Do You allow other people to push their  negative thoughts of your loved ones onto you?! NOPE! So whats the difference in this case?! If you LOVE and care about yourself why would you wanna be with someone who dont see you in the same light.  Smile at your reflection baby girl he just did you a favor! He pretty much told you, your too much for him and thats fine! Kudos to him for telling you instead of running game! I know a lot of females who have been cheated on who WISH they would have got this instead of THAT. Be happy that this person cared enough to keep it 100! we as females say we want the truth until its right in our face! There it is Right in your face and guess what you cant do anything about it! You cant force someone to feel what you feel, just understand that he was placed in your space for a reason, and now his work is done, this is life.

I say take a day get a face mask light some candles and incense, run a warm bath and listen to some mellow music. allow yourself to feel all these feelings but also allow yourself to RELAX and let them slide off like water on a ducks back. You cant change what happened but you can focus on YOU and your well being DO THAT! Once you take sometime to remember why YOU love you everything will fall back together! It seems hard now but trust me love it will get better!




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