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"We Coworkers Not Friends Bish…."

June 27, 2017 | by Kisses Kloset

Ok ok ok Now guys dont make me seem like a bitch before hearing me out so here it goes story time….

So theres this coworker, lets name her Brittany.

Well Brittany seemed quite nice when I first started here and Me; I love getting along with people, so I welcomed her nice personality into my wobble. Turns out Brittany is a Gemini (THEY CRAZY) and I met the nice part.

She went from Smiles and Good Morning to muggin and ignorin. I mean this chick could make you feel so nasty when shes in a bad mood its ridiculous.  She was that Coworker who would have a hard day in her real life, and than bring it into the office. At first, I CARED! I remembered sitting and listening to her problems giving her my advice and consoling her and we would be like besties! THE NEXT DAY SHE WAS BACK TO BEING A BITCH! 



I started feeling like i was in an abusive relationship when you start questioning what your doing wrong! “WHY DONT SHE LIKE MMEEEE?!?!?” Than I realized….. BIIIHHHHHHHHHHH WE AINT FRIENDS! I dont have to give a shit! Do you guys understand how HARD it is to deal with someone who has different emotions every 30 mins?! Like I seriously jumped from being a caring loving “big sister” to a coworker who barely spoke.

And it wasn’t even because she was exhausting, she was also just a rude ass bitch who blamed her rude ass ways on her “personal issues”. You know because WE give a flying hell about your home life (Plot twist….WE DON’T) I said  you know what i’m NOT bout to do sis, take your disrespectful ass serious! No way we are grown women at WORK and you dont know how to act.

See if she was My friend I would have to suck up my annoyance of her complaining daily and listen, but she wasnt! I had to remind myself not to give up my energy to her negativity because we aint friends! We see each other for 8hrs EVERYDAY so you would think a  friendship could MAYBE be built. But nope sometimes you just gotta allow coworkers to stay just that coworkers.

Slow your Role Ma’am We Co Workers Not Friends…..


Do you have a story of a overstepping coworker Let me know in the comments Hell email me I WANNA HEAR IT!!!!



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