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Affordable Makeup Beauty Must Haves

June 20, 2017 | by Kisses Kloset

If you are a Lover of Makeup but your Pockets are um… not too friendly THIS IS YOUR POST! I love Make up! I love how it makes me feel! I love how I look, it just makes you feel extra girly! And when done correctly BABY the heads be Spinning, I spend WAY too much money on it UNTIL I found some affordable Products that gave me the same EXPENSIVE look on a Kool-Aid budget.

Before I start let me reiterate the IMPORTANCE OF A CLEAN FACE! Makeup only break your skin if you are not taking the Proper steps to ensure you have a clean face. This include Washing and moisturizing “Pre-Primer” and Washing and Moisturizing  at the end of the day (MAJOR KEY!)

You can purchase all these products from any Beauty supply, Drug store, Wal-Mart, Target, But I also Linked them on Amazon (might be cheaper)  for your online shopping pleasures!


  • Concealer L.A GIRL IS THE GOAT!!! Best affordable concealer in my greatest opinion! I’m not a big fan of foundation (especially in the summer) place this product over the areas you want to cover, and it will vanish! With so many shades and color you are BOUND to go crazy over this brand as I am!



  • Loose Powder- The biggest trend is BAKING!  Baking refers to letting translucent powder sit on your face for five to 10 minutes. This allows the heat from your face to set your base concealer(and foundation).  Dusting it off your face leaves you with a crease-less, flawless finish. Yesssss queens I heard NARS translucent powder is where its at But I also Love Sacha Settting Powder.

  • Contour Palet– Kiss NY Pro Contour Kit BOOOOOMMMBBBB!!!! It comes with an angle brush and 3 different shades (Light, Medium, Dark). The Contour part is dope but can we talk about the HIGHLIGHTER!!!!!! OMG So Pigmented so Beautiful and soft! It comes with a Highlighter Bronzer and Contour powder (Summer time I mostly just use the bronzer for my cut).



  • Mascara- “I keep Mascara in My Pocket when Im Runnin’ to the Market” (had a Jasmine Sullivan moment lol) LOOOVEEEE THIS MASCARA! Even When I wasnt into makeup I LOVED This mascara  From Maybelline “Great Lash” when i started to wear makeup way more I went back to this oldie but goody and STILL LOVE IT! Gives you long full non clumpy lashes! When I dont feel like wearing fake lashes, I just pop this baby on and BAM! Works like a charm.




  1. Lashes- Since we are on the topic of Lashes, If you want an EXTRA OOMPH To your makeup look adding these bad boys will help! Now PLEASE OH PLEASE Get the lashes for YOUR EYES! If you have Small hooded eyes Big SPIDER LASHES are going to look ridiculous! I prefer wispy lashes personally with all my looks One of my fave brand is Ardell “Demi Wispie” They give me this innocent cutesy look that I love! Plus they look super natural



  • LIPSTICK– Cant finish a look without some color on your lips and COLOURPOP is where you need to be for CHEAP BEAUTIFUL Lipsticks from matte to glossy  Nudes, to blacks FOR $5!!!! I mean you cant beat that! and If your a fan of Kylie Lipkit but dont have the coins WELP Rumors are she uses the same production team as colourpop so you get the same colors and look! (I will say colourpop mattes dry very DRY on your lips, vasaline a primer prior will help with the chalky feel.)



  • Last but not Least SETTING SPRAYDEF A necessity in the summer for making sure your makeup stays put all day! You can choose from “dewy” (I prefer in the summer/spring) vs “Matte” (Anytime is a Good Time for MATTE). NYX Matte Finish is my go too Works like a charm!!



So there you have it!I pretty much ONLY use these products EVERYDAY lol who knows maybe ill do a quick and easy summer go to makeup tutorial! If you would like to see that LIKE AND COMMENT So i know if its a go or not 🙂



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