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Do Men Have Vaginas?!

June 13, 2017 | by Kisses Kloset

No SERIOUSLY Its really a serious question… Why Would I ask such an OBVIOUS question?! Well Because YOU NIGGAS ACT LIKE YOU DO! and I dont mean it that way I mean it as far as REGULATING A VAGINA LIKE YOU EVEN KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT!

No i dont consider myself a Feminist… Hell YES I DO! (No im not the ones who have a problem with the word ‘female’ or anything) I’m the feminist who believes in equal pay and rights for ALL GENDER especially WOMEN!  How annoying is it to hear a man downplay periods?! and childbirth?! You know as if they know how ENDLESS Cramps feel and Pushing a fucking Human from a tiny hole for about 8 or so hrs! YOU KNOW!

Hell Our Government is RAN By men you would think they would be like YEAAHH we dont have Ovaries lets appoint a woman to handle WOMEN problem But Nooooooo They tell us Abortions are bad but than cut our birth control because we dont ACTUALLY Need that… USE A CONDOM!

I think I saw a blog post the other day that said something like “Ladies if you miss the pill just take another one! Now go apologize to your man for making him put on a condom” Like WTF type of shit is that?! AND THIS WAS IN A WOMEN’S MAGAZINE!!!

The Big talk is Amber Rose and her Hairy vagina (which let me say ION WANNA SEE DAT!) You have Woman who are like YOU GO AMBER SHOW HOW BEAUTIFUL THE BODY IS!! 

img_7053Yeah Im not one of them! Kudos for her feeling comfortable to show off her body (which is SICK) but lets not act like she did this for the FEMINIST all around the world HELL she dint even do it for her SLUT WALK(which Is another issue that im not even gonna get into) NO she did it for ATTENTION DUUUUHHHH SHEEPS!! She didnt post her body with flaws and all NO It was some oiled photo shopped plastic surgery REALNESS! and y’all fell for it Hook line and SINK! You really think Amber Rose give a shit about ANOTHER FEMINIST VIEWS OTHER THAN THAT ONE SMALL PART ABOUT BEING CALLED A HOE?! (Probably not since I NEVER See her mention it). Shes the one who tell you to be FREE with YOU but dont show you HOW to protect your gifts! My Opinion is she uses Feminist views(or view) to justify her being attention starved! *shrug*  But i said all of this to bring up the conversation of another topic men like to govern. The amount of hair on My vagina!

Now before i REALLY jump into my rant let me remind you silly women who only shave cause “men like it”  the importance of HAIR down there

It traps bacteria, preventing it from entering your vagina. If you remove it completely, as with a Brazilian bikini wax, you may be increasing your chances of developing bacterial infections such as urinary tract infections.

via Popsugar

YES! your Pubic hair is VERY MUCH An important tool for keeping ur vagina LIT! Now im not saying every woman should STOP Shaving, what I AM SAYING IS DONT LET A MAN BE THE ONLY REASON  YOU DECIDE TOO! Like who the hell are they to dictate the health of YOUR VAGINA! Hes telling you he like it clean with Nappy pubes YOU GOTTA LICK ON (Like really?!) You walking around getting UTI’s and Bacterial Infection for a man who dont even care about the health of her!

If hes not a OBGYN he dont know more about YOUR BODY THAN YOU! I love the way


she looks when shes nice and clean but i be damned! Tell these men YOU GON’ EAT



WHAT I PULL OUT! And TRUST one Man’s trash is another man Delicacy!





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