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June 8, 2017 | by Kisses Kloset

Hello My Loves!!! With Summer Upon us I decided to switch it up to focusing on the VANITY part of loving yourself! Cause Baby ain’t nothing like Looking Good and FEELING EVEN BETTER! I decided to Give a quick peak at What this chick will be rocking (or planning on coping) for this 2017 Summer of “I BRING ME” (Lee Daniel’s just give me a check all this free promo I’m giving) without further interruptions, here are some Kisses Collections 🙂

Kisses Summer Essentials

SHADES- Every Girl needs a bomb pair of shades clear frames as well 


Wide Leg Chiffon Pants HONEY LISTEN Watching these bad boys sway in the cool breeze paired with a crop top or bodysuit… effortless 


Textured Flats- Idk about YOU but Flats are the WAVE for me this summer! I want to be cute and comfortable. The textured patterns adds a nice sophisticated flare to it.

output_qvzagb (1)

CHOKERS-Cause every girl Likes to be Choked Once and awhile :).


Cute Small Bags- Travel Light and cute with Beautiful and fun purses for summer essentials.

output_lzvdhg (1).gif

 Fun Print Dresses- Maxi dresses are always a quick and cute style but add some fun prints to standout even more!

output_aott3h (1).gif

Finally WEDGES!!!!! If flats arent your thing, but heels are too much, Get yourself some wedges! The more design the BETTER

output_mlslel (1)

The goal for this summer is to be effortless, cute, and comfy these are just a few ideas….Bathing suit essentials maybe another post to come hmmmm

Where to find these items:

Zaful’s Website

Fashion Nova website

Summer Essentials For cheap



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