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Protect Your Feminine Energy

June 6, 2017 | by Kisses Kloset

So I was doing what i do best (get high and read conspiracy theories or New Religion material) and I stumbled upon a post about protecting female energy. ‘Hmmm’ I said to myself Ive always heard of protecting ONES energy, never knew I had to protect my energy based upon gender. Oh what a beautiful journey i took discovering all this vital information! I was so Impressed I just had to share (because yall know me as the crazy friend who believes and always talk to you about it! 🙂 )

Heres what I learned, Feminine energy is the most loving, nurturing, protective, creative, expansive energy there is. However, we are also Receptive to everything if not careful. Everything ain’t for everyone, and we shouldn’t CONSUME everything. 

Believe it or not ladies, one of the biggest sucker of energies are You guessed it… MEN. Men are visual creatures, they can see energy, feel energy and yes, they plot and STEAL energy all the time. You know how nice guys usually are rejected on some level by a woman who has caught his eye? This rejection lingers in their auras, over time and this is why you feel resentment no matter how ” loving” their vocabularies may be. Some men intentions are usually to get you to pay attention to them. Attention is ENERGY. Conversations are ENERGY EXCHANGES.

“Once you trust them, they attach like leeches. Their emotions become yours and you begin feeling crazy, like repressed emotions come up but you Can’t trace the source. It isn’t YOUR energy, that’s why. Men are emotionally inept, the don’t deal with their own emotions so they use women to transmute the energy for them. You get their b.s. they get your essence.

This leads to mood swings, attitude changes, aggressive behavior and sometimes a light form of depression
But, he’s all of a sudden happy, free, lighter. This is an energy vampire.

Dudes like this often want you hidden quietly in the shadows so they can drain your force at their leisure and use it to appease, acquire, court, or impress the women they openly choose to satisfy.”

Yikes right?! Now ALL men aren’t vampires either,some are angels. And I know what your thinking OH Maybe Ill go be with a woman…. HA! Yes women can steal energy too. This comes in the form of false friendships, befriending with a motive, and listening with the intent to debunk. You ever been around an attractive female with a stank personality/attitude?! (Don’t trust her) Or Just a negative ass female who ALWAYS complaining and crying about something (Dont trust HER). These are the vultures that will suck onto your energy and steal it for their own use (they probably dont even realize they doing it).

The MORAL Of the story is “watch the company you keep” those bad vibes you encounter ARE CORRECT Listen to yourself. I personally protect myself mentally by only allowing a small group of people to transfer my energy with (this is because i know we are all on the same frequencies). Some Last minute Tips:

1. Stay out of the mutha effin church. No more church for black women.

You can still be “religious”, but do not use your physical and monetary energy to fuel these male dominated religious institutions. Pray to God or whoever to help actualize things for yourself. Pastors use your sacred energy, worship, and praise to achieve abundance.

2. Keep your social media presence light and sporadic. Exercise restraint when commenting and posting, especially photos. If you have urges to take selfies take them and store them on your phone.

3. Stop telling everyone your business, your hopes, and dreams – especially men. Men are inherently emotionally inept. There was a fantastic post a few months ago on how male “spiritual” gurus are using black women’s energy to manifest greatness for themselves.

4. If you have childhood wounds, or worst, been sexually violated, you need to seek professional help. You will not learn or understand emotional restraint and boundaries until you are able to process and work through the terrible things that happened to you. Your energy will continue to be used for the good of others and not yourself.

5. Have mini-check ins with yourself. In your interactions assess if you are drained after being around this person? Is there a shared reciprocity? Are your needs being met?

6. Make time for self-care. It doesn’t have to even be monetary. No one is more important than you are. For me it’s important that I have a 90 minute massage every month, and to get my nails done, so I will cut out anything else non-essential to have those two things for myself.

Remember anyone stealing your energy, it is STILL YOUR ENERGY and you can call it & control it at WILLWe are goddesses. We need to start thinking like goddesses and acting like goddesses…




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