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"State Of Appreciation"

June 5, 2017 | by Kisses Kloset

First Of all Let me set the mood…



Now that we set the “Vibe”  Happy Monday My loves lets jump into today’s post…. APPRECIATION!!! Showing Gratitude and appreciation for what you have currently is the first step of reviving your blessings for the future! We spend so much of our time planning ahead that we never stop to smell the roses we have here NOW.

Learning the Art of Manifestation has truly helped me with focusing on finding the sun in mist of the clouds, it actually also helps with materializing your goals faster. As soon as you wake up in the morning thank the fact that you are now awake. Appreciate the intelligent design of your body.  Be Thankful that you are alive, healthy, have a roof over your head, The sun to keep you warm! Beautiful Family and friends just bask in appreciation.(I know I know there’s gonna be some mornings where you not for it!)

When you are having trouble stating what you appreciate or what you desire, Always go general. Being specific sometimes gets us in a negative momentum by adding our fears, uncertainty, and contradictions.

Know that the Universe is not withholding the goods from you! If you would take the time to care how you feel, you are now 80% there. Focus on anything that makes you feel ELATION, EXCITEMENT, I’M SO HAPPY I CAN’T STOP SMILING. You are now 90% there to making your desire materialize. Trust and Faith is the last 10%. Know that your goods will come you in the least time you would expect it since you’re so busy being happy and enjoying life!

If you make it a habit every morning to be in appreciative mood, and deliberately choose how you want to feel, and be kind to yourself by not beating up on yourself when you are not feeling so happy or upbeat and soothe yourself to find better feeling thoughts and emotions, you will have your desires show up in miraculous ways!

The universe is always finding the path of least resistance to bring the goods to you, you just have to be willing and available to accept it!

Now that your all soup’d up with abundance Write down your goals you want to manifest and ENJOY YOUR DAY! Don’t even think about it anymore, send it to the Universe and be confident that you are being heard, and your blessing will be coming.

tumblr_mip2zwqkgy1s5jjtzo1_500                                 Have a Beautiful Monday FULL of Love and Light!


  • Blue |

    Never knew you blogged but this was so on point today! Thanks, positive vibes to you today and every day.


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