Kloset Release


Kloset Release

June 2, 2017 | by Kisses Kloset


Have I told you that I Like The Chase…

Get me excited than make me wait….

But you dont see the fire in my eyes

You doing everything that I like

Did I Tell you that you get me weak…

I see your smile and i can hardly breathe

Cant think about anyone else

I want your soul and i want your sex

Lights off and we in the sheets

Taking advantage of the times we meet

slowly kissing  you everywhere

gripping and scratching without a care

Slowly take you in mouth 

Hard and strong as you arouse

Sucking slowly Ecstasy

eyes are rolling  Helplessly

Toes are curling your about to cum

Anticipating my time to suck you up

its warm and strong i cant get enough

feining and craving for yet another one

the time is here Our time is done

We played our games and had our fun

savoring each other as we lay

Desire Lust thirst crave…..



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