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Kloset Release

'I Bring Me'

June 1, 2017 | by Kisses Kloset

Do you remember the last time you were selfish with…you?!

YOU The person who’s was there for everyone when needed, honey who’s there for you?!


Well Im here to tell you ITS TIME TO BE SELFISH WITH …YOU!

Personally, Im the one who wants everyone to be happy, everyone to be good. Im the one who dont like going out in groups of people because Im going to feel OBLIGATED to make sure everyone has fun.

Im the One who will swallow her pride and forget her feelings to hear and understand your POV. I Feel bad when im unable to make someone day better… some may say im an Empath.

empath: a person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual.

Once i started learning about energies frequencies and vibes OH a change HAD TO COME! No way was i going to INTENTIONALLY pick up on other “negativity” and harbor as my own. The answer to that, Doing absolutely EVERYTHING that benefits ME before worrying about others.

I know some people like DUHHHHH, But believe it or not it was absolutely a foreign concept to me. My Grandmother had a HUGE HEART, My mother had a HUGE HEART; to me It was just another curse to bear. We take care of everyone else before us because THAT MAKES US HAPPY! I absolutely LOVE Making people feel good and be happy, Its like a rush for me. The problem comes when Im putting my all to making them happy with no appreciation or care for my own well being. No More.

I told myself I was going to purposely stay single and give my time to whoever i feel like giving my time to at the moment. If i dont feel like answering your phone call I dont, If i dont want to reply to your text I just dont! WHY because I dont owe ANYONE ANYTHING (Except my son of course)  GAWD IT FEELS GOOD NOT TO CARE!

It feels good to just say I dont want to deal with you today and than doing JUST THAT With no fucks on how that makes you feel. When I’m asked a favor and I dont want to help I SAY NO (Even when i have it) Cause FUCK YOU Sorry.(not sorry)

Here we are June 1st, I have been implementing this “selfish” attitude since January and I must say its been AWESOME! It feels awesome pondering “hmmmm who does Kory want to entertain today”  the answer is ALWAYS KORY now And I real life don’t plan on changing anytime soon!fiona-frank-gif-monica-Favim.com-4993149

PEOPLE HEAR ME PLEASE…. after all the toxic relationships and people we encounter daily we all need a time where we just say FUCK THE WORLD I BRING ME AND I ONLY CARE ABOUT ME! There is NOTHING WRONG WITH LOVING YOURSELF SO MUCH THAT IT TRUMPS OTHERS! How can you be a savior for anyone with your mental in shits, and cant and it wont happen! I challenge all my readers this June to care about YOU before anyone else! If u don’t feel like being bothered than don’t. If you don’t feel the energies around u is up to par Distance yourself!  Give out your time sparingly not everyone deserves to be around you and don’t do HAVE to allow them to be there.

“Awwww Imma hurt so and so feeling” FUCK SO AND SO! If they care about you they will understand that you need to first focus on self before being superhuman to anybody else…..



*Btw Gotta Love Shameless



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