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Words from A Fein…

May 23, 2017 | by Kisses Kloset

it begins

we been talking about the time when we both would arise

and its here.

So we stare into the moment as the vibes flow inside

its intense.

But you no longer can wait to step up to the plate

take control.

throwing me across the bed as i stare into ur face

im captivated.

See he was sweet when we first met

Conversations were always noted

of the pervert you held deep inside anticipating for this night

now im yours.


“Do with me what you like” I whispered in ur ears which seemed to give you all the power that you need

to please me.

“Touch me right there Go Down slow Kiss every inch of me you see…”

My body slowly tense from the stroking of your finger.

Gently gliding into position

Shes sweet and wet

for you.

Throbbing uncontrollably tingles spreading everywhere

I watch.

As you dive in anticipation

Bringing pure sensations

I’m at a lost

Lost in translations as you devour my spot

legs violently shaking

eyes pierced at the stars preceding them

The feeling of ecstasy overrides the best of me

I HAVE to have you inside of me

But you deny.

You want me to feel  EVERY euphoric bliss as you take your time

So I wait.

and fidget.

shes screaming your name waiting for the right time

but you digress.

Quick flip continues ur assault on my body

off my back feining for your next attack


If only you could see the wolf in my eyes

Dying to prowl

Crying to pounce

Impatiently waiting her turn

We watch.

To be continued…



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