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Dating Disaster

"S(he's) Br(ok)en"

May 18, 2017 | by Kisses Kloset


Remember that guy you met.

He came when you weren’t quite ready for a relationship, you knew you were strong but still finding you, but he came. And he came strong!

He convinced you to let down your walls.

He convinced you to Open your heart to him

He Made you fall in love with him.

Now here you are crying wondering what you did wrong and him, well hes Ok…

He has master the art of “moving on”. Played the victim card make it all your fault than leave and take ur heart with him.

Why is it that we THINK we know what we deserve but don’t demand it?!

Why Do we continue to accept “sorry” as a way to ease the wounds they leave on us?!

He tells you he loves you but does he really mean it??????! For someone who continues to break you and apologize when is enough enough

Is it me or does female tend to endure more than males when it comes to relationships? we will support love and defend our men even when they are wrong and they hurt us.

Here you are Now Crying.

Guess where he is?? probably feeding another victim the same lines to continue his parade of broken hearts.

Ever moved on but still felt obligated to be “loyal” to him?! You want to be happy but you LOVED HIM and who cares that hes currently doing him, you would never want him to feel how he made you feel. Does that make you a good person or a good fool?!

Why do they force us to be a bitch we never wanted to be in the first place? I don’t want to put more walls up. I don’t want to be a cold heartless person. I just wanted to be YOURS!

So here I am Broken… and He’s OK…..




  • zareenn3 |

    This is such a heart breaking post. I love the tag line “I’m broken and he is okay”.


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