Kloset Release



Pain & Pleasure

April 17, 2017 | by Kisses Kloset

It starts off soft slow to touch 

Easy, Ease

Never Enough

Throbbing she is , calling out to you

Hear Her

Here’s her

Presented her to you…

Slow ecstasy boiling to intense pleasure slowly grinding into inducing pain 

But I digress

She wants the pain to mask the the pleasure Am I wrong for that?

Whats wrong with her when the sharp daggers bring her pure bliss?

How can she take the rhythmic pounds increasing every stroke?

She screams out in joyful agony finally having enough

craving for the sweet to soften the tortures touch

and there it is

Back Like it never left

Pleasing her soul, comforting her wounds , caressing her body

releasing her flood tide

to you…

because you and only you know the secrets she hides inside 

You and Only you can see the underground tunnels others fail to recognize

as the sweetness overwhelms, the tingles re emerge 

No Longer craving Sugar on her walls for climax

the desire for the anguish is back

Back and ready to release all her ‘O’

to you….

Pain and Pleasure the only way to hit her spot….



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