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Thirsty Vs Interested

January 30, 2017 | by Kisses Kloset

“I always struggle with this.. For instance I refuse to text first. If i do its rare because i feel like i shouldnt have to. My sister says thats stupid and she texts first a lot. Also i wont like a guys pic on IG because i dont wanna look thirsty.. How can you tell the difference??”


Idk about you guys but ME i tend to not be able to know the difference of coming off thirsty vs interested. When I’m interested in a guy I make sure he knows By giving him my attention! Hitting him up everyday (sometimes  just to say good morning have a nice day) interacting on social media platforms, ect ect.  But I can see WHERE the thirsty/interested line can get blurred.

Men, from what i’ve been told, Love the chase! They loving chasing a woman and their pride LOVE when they FINALLY get what they want. So how does one make himself interesting without being thirsty?!  IDK I wish i had the answers This is a line i tend to straddle all the time! 7KAL4Ge.gifI like to believe men love the chase but also love attention! So I’m assuming the chase will get boring when they realize they can’t catch the prey or the prey taking too long and doing too much to be caught! (Ain’t nobody got time fo dat)

Me personally Once I start feeling like the efforts are one sided I tend to ease off, stop texting, stopping hitting you first all lat’. I hate to feel like im bothering you or you are just using me for an ego stroke…. I think it’s even sadder that we have to wonder if we are coming on too strong for someone you like.

Why can’t be like Hey I like you, you like me Let’s indulge into each other! I absolutely HATE wondering if the feelings are mutual! I hate that these “New Relationships” involve so many games and cheaters. Makes it so hard to just be open and genuine with people because you just never know their true motives.


Girl idk if i answered your question, i don’t think i did, lol heres a good answer I loved!

The difference between thirst and interest for me is when a guy is genuinely interested in your well being. He remembers little insignificant things you might have mentioned before. He won’t bring up sex when you don’t know him from a can of paint. Thirst is just annoying to me now and an automatic turn off. I do think there is a difference between thirst and being forward though. Being honest and open with someone doesn’t make you thirsty. And the right person will appreciate that.

My last comment if you FEEL like you’re being thirsty… He’s probably not the one, the right guy would never make you feel like you are chasing him! He will appreciate you showing him interest because he loves feeling wanted by you!  Leave me your thoughts and comments if you have the Answers! 🙂


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