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Vagina POWER!

January 20, 2017 | by Kisses Kloset

What’s the Best Part about Being a Woman?! What’s the Worst?! btw Blog more 🙂

In honor of “The Women’s March on Washington” happening tomorrow (Jan 21) I decided to pull this question out and answer.https-%2f%2fcdn-evbuc-com%2fimages%2f26752777%2f194339366129%2f1%2foriginal

The best part about being a woman… having a Vagina

The Worst part about being a Woman…. Having a Vagina! (lol… seriously)

I swear it’s like you’re born a woman and then you’re set free with this vagina that pretty much has a life of its own. It doesn’t even come with an instruction manual you just gotta wing it for the rest of life. And OH just when you think you have it figured out IT CHANGES DUE TO AGE  Or environment, now you gotta forget everything you previously knew about her for your NEW IMPROVED VAGINA!

Everytime I hear men complain about having a penis they get the meanest side eye “Oh yall dont know how it feels having morning wood… or getting hard and everyone sees it”

TRY HAVING A BABY! Until you know how it feels to have a human just living in your body rent free taking over for 9 months AND THEN pushing that a PERSON out of a small hole that expands….. than we can start comparing struggles!  Hell even when you’re NOT pregnant your vagina brings her good Uterus to fuck up your life in the form of a monthly reminder that you’re not getting dick or being responsible…. thanks vagina!

Cramps were most definitely made by the devil himself I mean come on how dare you punish me every month for not bearing a child the Uterus is a Messy bitch who lives for drama….tenor.gif

But even with all that I LOVE HAVING A VAGINA! I love being this strong complex creature who brings life into the world! I mean do you know how important and AMAZING you have to be to BRING LIFE IN THE WORLD?!?! I love the beauty  of a vagina (wink) I love having estrogen! I do remember when i was little being a bit upset i couldn’t be a boy… they have it so easy… But NOW i can’t even imagine being anything but a delicate flower with a Venus fly trap (tee hee) So Ladies Embrace your Vaginas and ur Uterus! Yeah they are annoying at time But think of it as a superpower and you know what they say about powers….



  • A Hearty Nomad |

    Once upon a time I use to feel special for having a winky and now ( lets talk as were 11) because I could I pee anywhere I wanted we did not need to squat but then I found out of the existence of “GoGirl”; I fell like the kid who let his baloons fly and just stand there watching as they disapped into the sky, yes I dont feel special anymore. I feel like a child without baloons! You have a vagina and now you can pee withouy making a mess and I still cant push a baby through my thing. I want to see a company coming up with a tool like this.
    Have a good weekend!

    • KissesKloset |

      hahahahaha I actually know some females who can stand and pee and aim perfectly (dont ask me how i know this but ive SEENT’ It! lol ) *adds “gogirl” to google list*

      Have a Beautiful weekend!! lol


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