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When Does the Loyalty Stop?!

January 18, 2017 | by Kisses Kloset

This may be a dumb question…. I can see the females in my inbox now  answering this question with the “Da Fuq” Face.
But for females who are like minded as me Let’s talk lol


How long does your Loyalty for an ex last?! I asked this question because i really wonder I’m just weird as hell (i probably am) But you ever been in a situation where you ended things with a guy and he moves on you still kinda pine over him but for the most part you have moved on too. You actually start talking to someone and your ex catch wind and NOW he’s in your messages asking you questions like

“Oh so It’s like that huh?!”

“Who this guy?!”


Now because of course, you still have feelings for your ex (lets say y’all ended things mutually), You are feeling some type of way. NOW you’re feeling like shit because you don’t want him to feel like he does not matter or that you don’t care, but he seemed to have moved on and you didn’t want to be the only one waiting.

Or How about a “situationship” (relationship without a title *throw em in the trash*) stops and you both have had conversations on how to fix yall BUT he’s flirting with everything with no thoughts of how you feel and you decide to do the same. NOW The argument is

How can you want us when you out here flirting?!kevin-hart-what-gif

And Last one, The Ex Boyfriend who you have mutual male friends with who has been entertaining you  since yall broke up, do you remain loyal to your ex and stay away from friends?! Does he even have a say on who you can and cannot move on too?!

Im one of those females who have exes but I’m pretty much still friendly and commutative with all of them so i do try and NOT step on their toes or have them looking foolishly BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT I think this wrong all wrong lool So again the question is…. When do you your Loyalty end?! is it when you both move on or as soon as you split?!!

  • Chrisi Luv |

    This is interesting. I have thought this in my head for the longest time and have always just moved past it but the thought never went away. For instance – I was with my hight school sweetheart for over 5 years so of course everything that I posted on Facebook was about us or pictures etc. Well even after we broke up he was still apart of my Facebook world. I was forever afraid to post a pic of me and a new boo – because of him! And then one day – someone asked me about my old bf and this chick he was hugged up with on his page… He had like 100 pics of him and his new chickS all hugged up, kissing etc. I was salty because it’s like – yo – it’s over. And I suppose loyalty is over too. Womp womp!


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