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November 15, 2016 | by Kisses Kloset

Hey Kisses Here’s a good one

I love my friend very much but I hate her Boyfriend. He treats her well and they seem very happy together but I knew him before my friend and I know what he did to other females and who he is as a person is disgusting. Everytime I hang out with them I cringe at how phony i have to be. My question is how do you tell your friend you hate their boyfriend?

Sooooo You want my real opinion ?!(this might sound mean forgive me)  GIRL You sound like a Hater with a capital H! You mean to tell me your friend found a man who treats her well and they are happy together and you MAD?!?! Why You mad bro?!? You know how many females out here would KILL for a good man in their life tuh… as far as you saying you know his past and he’s a disgusting person GUESS WHAT NO ONE CARES! I mean maybe i’m missing something but the “he aint shit” conversation should have happened prior to them being a couple No? Or maybe you did tell her and she still got with him… But OMG PLOT TWIST he actually treats her right so where’s the issue? Sorry If this is harsh but Girlfriend leave your her relationship alone and get you a man of your own please. You just have far too much time on your hand to be worrying about a dick ur not sucking specially his PAST…. Come on

And to answer the actual question YOU DON’T TELL HER! I feel like she’s definitely going to feel some way if you just came out the blue like yeah I hate your boyfriend because he was Trash in his past, ESPECIALLY if she’s HAPPY and he’s treating her right. Maybe he was a bad guy before but maybe your friend is so damn dope he wants to change for her. Thats a good thing! if anything you should be like WOW my friend pussy must be A1 because he done changed!  I’m just saying why make problem when there’s none there. If you really truly feel like you just can’t deal then don’t go out with them. I mean why would you want to be a third wheel anyways…. My advice save all that hate for IF he ever go back to the bad guy THAN you and your friend can exchange notes on his Fuck boy qualities 🙂


What do you guys think?!?! Lets Help her! lol


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