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November 9, 2016 | by Kisses Kloset

First Love your blog  I usually crack up at your writing style but i also love that you speak on relationships and the (self love) is very inspirational. congrats on your journey. The Yoga challenge can you post more routines, I loved the sun salutation and i incorporate it in my morning mantra.

thank you again

Well thank you for entertaining my blabber! It keeps me writing!

And good idea, My main focus on the challenge was to give you guys 30 moves you can than used to make your own routines to your own flow. But i can see how having one already made up is more helpful.

Because Election time is STRESSFUL (Especially the results) here is a great Stress relieving yoga Routine to help refocus that hate into some positive inner love! (Ohh Im getting all warm just thinking about it)

thanks upliftconnect.com 13-yoga-poses-art


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