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Maillll Timmmeee

October 20, 2016 | by Kisses Kloset

First I love your blog, I Just started following but i have a question i would like to hear your opinion on, I want a relationship sooo bad but I cant seem to find the right guy on the same playing field as me? Where is he?! What do I do?


Awwww Well THANK YOU FOR FOLLOWING!!!! I really Appreciate itBuuuut I know how this is because i’m sort of the same way too! I want a relationship because I love the idea of having one man to love and spoil and grow with, BUT we CANNOT keep running into relationships just because we either fear being lonely or it looks good in the beginning. First off Understand when you meet a person, you are not meeting them You are meeting their spokesperson so it’s gonna seem like HE’S THE ONE…. Until his true motive reveals himself, so keep that in mind.

ALSO, STOP LOOKING! Use your single time to get in a relationship with yourself! (Corn-KNEE I know) but it’s true! You really can’t expect a person to love all of you if YOU don’t even love all of you! So find out what YOU LIKE what you will deal with and won’t deal with! Get some standards and be comfortable with being single so when the right guy comes he’s an accessory not a necessity to your Happiness! We spend soo much time searching for the perfect relationship we miss all the amazing people RIGHT IN OUR FACE… So STOP LOOKING! Enjoy ur single time Go on dates with yourself FLIRT With yourself TOUCH YOURSELF!!!   Trust me in due time he will come to you!tumblr_mip2zwqkgy1s5jjtzo1_500


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