So here they are FUCKBOYS the NEW WOMEN… You created her, You should be proud!

Remember when that beautiful woman walked into your life? Granted you didn’t have Much to offer her but because she was a beautiful WOMAN it didn’t matter. What matter to her was, at the time, you made her smile you made her happy. She spoke with the representative you brought out on the date and she fell for him, Oh she fell for him hard. Not knowing that behind that dashing smile and glossy eye stare, he was a FUCK BOY not even remotely close to deserving her love.

Now YOU DID LEAVE SIGNS THAT YOU WERE A PIECE OF SHIT…Her beautiful heart choose to ignore them, maybe because she loved you despite some of your fuckboy ways, or maybe she just NEEDED this to work, she was a good girl who kept it straight with you, NO WAY You wouldn’t respect her in return (oh the sarcasm).And then you Sealed the deal…. You fucked her! Man If there’s ONE thing you can do right it’s THAT! Its making Woman forget the signs they were seeing by distracting them with penis, shit always works!


The one you stopped calling after you “cracked” and told your friends about it.

The one who stayed with you even when you were financially unstable, when she finally grew tired and asked you to find work… you found a NEW BITCH.

The One you promised you were nothing like her ex and you wanted “forever” but to you forever was until you Nutted.

The One You just started to ignore after you got your fix; leaving her to wonder what’s wrong with her….

Oh yeah they are here now! NOW you can see them using niggas for money! Putting their career before any and everything. Getting fit and cute JUST so they can go out and CURVE you!

The women no longer twerking on you in clubs instead standing around with their friends sipping drinks, yeah she’s probably one too!

These women are no longer looking for love waiting around for you to call them back, NOAP these women are shrugging it off and fucking your friends! AND YOU DID THIS!

as women we are nurtures, we believe in LOVE and companionship UNTIL too many of her heart’s life line are being lessen. In the NEW MIllennial women are no longer wanting love and family NOW they want Businesses, Money, Property shit that fuckboys know nothing about.

More than 9.4 million firms are owned by WOMEN, employing nearly 7.9 million people, and generating $1.5 trillion in sales as of 2015. 

Numbers don’t lie! We are slowly taking off the fairytale goggles where we wait for a man to save us, and realizing most of these boys can’t even save himself!

Just something to think about FUCK boys …. The next time you walk into the life a beautiful woman who is willing to love you and you’re not ready… do us all a favor and walk away… dont dim her light for your personal gain


October 17, 2016

Kisses Kloset