I’ve always wondered when SOON… was TOO SOON?! Ok Let me explain. As Females, we are harshly judge about our sexuality especially in comparisons to our counterpart, men. They get to slut around with every Becky  they meet and this is consider norm. “He’s the Man!” everyone will say when he bed another long-legged beauty with a firm ass. Oh but God Forbid a WOMAN Who is in tune with her sexual desires decides she’s NOT going to wait for a date, shes going to get her nut no matter what (he he), thaannn shes a trollup!  As someone who feels shes a “good girl”, I wondered how these POV affected my current dating life.

Let me Explain myself when I say “good girl” becauuuseeee I wonder if im consider one honestly. I am a female who owns her sexuality and bathe in the essence of how freaking awesome I am at it!(im pretty awesome) Maybe the quintessential “Lady in the Street Freak in the Sheet” is more acceptable. But I wonder, After having a great date with someone new, How soon is TOO SOON.  I wanted a guys thought on this, preferably because as women we tend to be a bit eh hem Judgy, PLUS I figured im trying to attract men so why not get into their mental. One Friend advised me He loses respect for a female who gives op cookie on the first date, His reasoning was he loves the chase, he loves feeling like he EARNED her body and there’s no way that can be established on the first date. Another male was actually all for it! “If we both are digging each other why wait?!” Hmmmmm……

Soooooooooo what happens next?! I always feel like the old saying if it’s easy to get it’s not really worth it or, Why Buy the Cow when you can get the milk for free. That literally has always been my way of thinking when it came to “cookie giving”. Hows that working out for you?! HORRIBLY.

Seriously you honestly cannot group ‘knowing your worth’ and ‘giving into sexual desires’. What if you made him wait he did all these steps to get to FINALLY reach the promise land of your panties He pulls out his schlong ANNNNDDDDD It’s the size of a baby carrot!  Or you guys do the deed ANNNNDDDDDDDDD It was horrible NOW you have this super nice sweet guy who did everything you wanted him to do to get here AND NOW YOU DON’T EVEN WANT HIM ANYMORE! (Is sex really that important?!) HELL YEAH!  I can’t even Imagine telling myself im going to deal with this person BS for the rest of our lives but we cant communicate sexually, If anyone tells you that works out THEY ARE LYING or in the small percent of people where this rule doesn’t apply.


So do you wait until this guy PROVES his worth to give up the Booty?! Do You Not care about these society rules and First Date sex is NOTHING?! or Do you test the product before deciding if you want to purchase the full version?

Men what are your thoughts?! Do you look at a female differently if they have sex with you on the first date?! How about if they Make you work?!?!

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October 4, 2016

Kisses Kloset


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    October 26, 2016

    Everyone needs a passionate sex sometimes but it’s not food ladies. Be discipline enough to live without it if the love is not there . Mennnn, there’s a consequence if you sleep around. It could lead to impotence in a early age. Love your partner with no strings attached. There’s more to life than going on a date just to have sex o.

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      October 26, 2016

      absolutely agree!