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I Wonder

September 30, 2016 | by Kisses Kloset

I Wonder….


I Wonder If you tell her what you told me
Did you also promise forever and an eternity?
How about those pet name that were exclusively mine
Did you switch up the meaning to fit her this time?
Do she get the same kisses once implanted on my lips
Conversations of the future plans for a relationship
What about my tattoo is it on her too?
Did she know the reason was not just about you?
Did she squeal like I did when the needles took its toll?
Not caring for the pain but your approval was her goal?
Do you fuck her like me giving up every stroke
Does she suck it like me licking up every gulp
Can she arch real low throw it back and pick it up
Suck it deep till you sleep making it sure u had enough
I wonder if that’s enough or maybe it’s just me
Or maybe this Love affair was just not meant to be….




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